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How professional recruiters work 2 Today we live in a world where the largest companies in a certain industry offer people approximately the same conditions: salaries bonuses. To additionally search for the best personnel it is necessary to develop an employer brand. About the state project Two years ago I participated in the team of Ukrainian reformers. She acted as an expert from the European Union. We created the National Anti-Corruption Bureau. I developed and then implemented a block on the recruitment process – from the selection of detectives to administrative staff. It was important to correctly present procedures and processes.

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It is a bureaucratic structure with a lot of administrative work. Everything is based on laws acts normative documents approved by the Verkhovna Rada. We “tested” people in several stages. There is an official requirement that civil servants pass an Latvia Business Email List examination on knowledge of the law. We switched to an electronic format created tests in which questions fell out randomly. How Professional Recruiters Work 3 The system worked in such a way that no one could influence the results of the exam except for the person being tested. Those who scored the required number of points moved on to the second stage – soft skills testing.

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The next step is a psychological test. Then there were interviews for some positions and additional stages for others for example a polygraph. Over the summer we tested about 10000 people. There were several evaluation centers equipped with computer classes. There were 5-6 streams of candidates per day. I manage the logistics of people then BO Leads the results were combine. We developed the project from scratch. And today I believe that it was a success in terms of technical implementation. Adaptation of staff in WOG At WOG recruitment was closely linke to HR. We analyzed the “churn” and found out: people most often leave in the first 3 months.

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