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Sales in an era of change Alexander Andronik comments Depending on the services and products that the company sells depending on the size of the client there should be employees who are responsible for customer satisfaction in the future. The value of one client and the willingness to devote time to it may differ. It is important not just to indulge the desires of the client but to help transform his business. Nadezhda Kolibaba says that in order for a company to be successful it is important to transform its business model using digital technologies. The CRM system saves the history of interaction with customers the history of sales and calls collects feback from customers and manages their expectations.

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Sales in an Era of Change Now the subscription service model is popular its easy for a customer to leave and choose another provider. Its important to collect feback – its cheaper to keep a customer than to attract a new one. We often say feback is a gift Belarus Business Email List feback is a breakfast of champions. Microsoft uses Dynamics for Sales Marketing and Customer Service previously call Dynamics CRM online. The system prompts the next logical purchase reminds the sales manager to call the customer. BB sales in an era of change The system can work with customer feback build sales plans in different scenarios display results and forecasts in the form of beautiful always up-to-date and interactive business intelligence in the form of graphs and charts.

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Which can be mov to PowerPoint and work with graphs right on the slide. The product integrates well with operating systems in the company. The BO Leads management always sees up-to-date and accessible information about the organization. LABABOOKS Book digest — we recommend books about overcoming fears dealing with destructive employees focusing etc. Dryn Julia Dryn itor at Laba In the fifth issue of the laba books column we offer you to read books on how to overcome your phobias create. A productive and cohesive team cope with distractions and turn problems into opportunities.

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