All About the California Consumer Privacy Act

If you haven’t yet heard about the ccpa. This is your chance to get caught up. The closest thing to gdpr in the u.s.. The california consumer privacy act (ccpa) has actually been in effect since january 1. 2020 but many people are still unsure of the full effects of it. What is the ccpa? Put simply: the ccpa is a landmark bill that aims to protect consumer privacy rights. Large technology companies like google and meta have less freeom with data harvesting. And consumers will have greater control over the personal information that these companies collect. Store. And share. California has made its name as the cradle of tech since even before the internet boom in the 1990s.

If you haven't yet heard about the ccpa..

With silicon valley as the beating heart. While startups have been flourishing in other parts of the world. Silicon valley is still the epicenter of tech and innovation. Now. Any company that deals with the data of california residents will have to review their practices. It is in fact the most restrictive state privacy law passe anywhere in the u.s. Why is the ccpa happening? Over the past few years. There has been a litany of data leaks and consumer privacy scandals. Leaving consumers feeling wary about sharing personal information online. The cambridge analytica debacle that reveale facebook had compromise 87 million user accounts was the major headline

With silicon valley as the beating heart

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Amazingly. After a lengthy court battle. The social meia giant has escape with a paltry fine of £500.000 ($645.000). Yahoo was not so lucky. Multiple breaches between 2012 and 2016 ende up costing the company $117.5m in a class-action lawsuit. Linkein. Capital one. Equifax. And uber have all found themselves in hot water in the past few years. Bringing the data-driven age under question. As technology evolves and the world’s data reserves grow. So too does the threat of cyber-crime and data breaches. Research by visual capitalist found that 75 data records are compromise every second. In the online world. Much of 2018 was dominate by the hype around the european general data protection regulation (gdpr).

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