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It is highly desirable that the recruiter undergo special training attend trainings and seminars on assessing people. It is important not to perceive a person through your own prism and personal conjectures. Books I recommend reading I read related literature about the success of companies. From interviews with managers people from business I “catch” advice and adapt it to recruiting. I observe a lot of people of parallel professions. For example – in the theater after the performance the actors stand on the stage and thank everyone. These are elements of positive feedback for the team. A group of surgeons during the operation works in synergy they understand each other without words. You can apply this example to your organization.

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The FBI books have elements of recruiting the right people. For example a fraudster can be crafted to become a specialist. The pages describe psychological tools for searching and determining who is needed.How to find “your” employee Basic Cyprus Business Email List fire Oksana Ognevaya director of recruitment for IT outsourcing company Miratech Businesses are created by people. It is those companies that have managed to find hire and retain the best professionals that receive synergistic interaction. As a result they are able to achieve their goals. But how do you find the right person for the team How to motivate to accept exactly your offer What are the typical mistakes The strategy for companies of different size and life span will also be different.

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Basic Recruitment Strategies 0 Basic Recruitment Strategies 1 Start-up – when you have an idea a small start-up capital Basic Recruitment Strategies 2 Characteristic: a regime of limited resources an environment with high competition a low level of trust and awareness of a potential consumer regarding the quality of goods and services provided BO Leads by the company. The flow of applicants is close to zero. Request for initiative hard-working purposeful people who are prone to self-motivation result-oriented and able to take risks. 3 Basic Recruiting Strategies The structure and team should be light mobile flexible ready for rapid changes and 180-degree turns in a short period of time. What the applicant sees : an idea risks of non-payment of wages (unstable situation lack of labor guarantees chaos and overtime.

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