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Then we will have time to think. Analyze what is happening. Read books. Recognize the world. Life passes. And when it flows meaninglessly or on other people’s waves and stories you look around and ask yourself the question: “What did you do yourself What’s new discovered ” . It is desirable that you always have your own answer to these questions.“Learn to hear people. Without this neither Agile nor Scrum will workGaidut Katya Gaidut journalist at LABA Yuriy Koziy – Agile coach partner of SCRUMguides. Helps large companies (such as Philip Morris Kyivstar Watsons and others to work more flexibly and more efficiently. Previously he built Agile expertise centers in large IT companies.

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With Yuri we discussed the philosophy of the Agile approach to business. We talked about the Scrum way of working and its main features. And also about why people are the basis of business and how to learn how to work with them. Effective application of Ireland Business Email List Agile and Scrum methods 0 About the career of a rock musician IT specialist and coach Seven years ago I combined the careers of a rock musician and an IT specialist. And in 2011 he completely switched to IT began to take leadership positions and grow rapidly. And somewhere in 2015 he received the Ukrainian IT Awards in the nomination “The Best Project Manager of Ukraine”. Somehow in parallel I began to realize the simple rules of working with a team.

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For example if you had 20 people yesterday and 60 tomorrow then most likely it will not be possible to set tasks and control their implementation in the traditional way. Something new needs to be introduced. Change outdated approaches. Effective BO Leads application of Agile and Scrum methods 1 I began to actively study business coaching and coaching. And I soon realized that I like it more than management. After all my leadership style was more likely aimed at cultivating employees and not at diligence through “must”. How to effectively train employees 8 steps Enter your email GET My job was to talk to all people understand what they want to do give them the opportunity. If you follow this principle the company will never have problems with motivation.

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