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They take the side of the company when they see adequate feeback. The main thing in responding is to be as honest and open as possible. If the claims are justifie you nee to fix the problem and move on develop the service and make customers happy. What to do with the negative in search engines This problem is quite effectively solve by SEO specialists. Depending on the situation in a few weeks or months they can significantly affect the issuance. This in turn will benefit the business as a whole because it will attract more good traffic to the site. SEO nees to be done systematically. CASE from LABA Rules for working with customer reviews.

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Disguise Yandex Taxi under Uklon In the fall of 0 Uklon poste a Facebook post urging them to start hunting. Users reporte that Yandex taxi services began to arrive for Uklon orders. The work of drivers on cars with the Yandex.Taxi logo was aske Cyprus Business Email List to be assesse with a one. Rules for working with customer reviews. Those who found such a car and complaine were promise a drawing of prizes and gift certificates for equipment. Drivers in cars brande with a competitor’s logo compromise the service company representatives wrote on behalf of the official Facebook page.

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Case Examples of famous company slogans Enter your email GET In the comments customers suggeste working with Uklon drivers accuse them of unfair competition and complaine about the quality of service. In turn the then still working Yandex. Taxi reporte BO Leads that it does not prohibit its drivers from coming to calls from other services. Daniil Vakhovsky’s comment We blocke all drivers with the Yandex.Taxi branding. This was our principle position so we treate the negative comments with understanding. It would have been much worse if the customers supporting our joint campaign with Turn Back Alive wartaxi had a car covere with a service that is already banne even at the official level.

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