SWOT Analysis: Guide with Examples + 3 Free Tools

SWOT Analysis: Guide with Examples + 3 Free Tools. Today we are going with a very important topic when developing your Marketing Plan: the SWOT analysis. In addition to analyzing the SWOT matrix and its elements, we are going to see several examples and a free template so you can do your own analysis. Although it may seem like it, it is not easy to carry out this analysis. As we have seen, it is not just about detecting your weaknesses and strengths; There are other external factors that you must also take into account. In the first phase, focus on pitching ideas and collecting data . Help yourself with a brief brainstorming exercise . You can do it yourself, but it will be more effective if you meet with your work team or teammates.

The SWOT Matrix

The SWOT Matrix. The most common thing when we do a SWOT analysis is to prepare a matrix that allows us to view the analysis job function email list instantly. It shows us in a single document all the values ​​that we collect to do the analysis. The elements of the typical matrix show the strengths and weaknesses of the internal analysis in the face of the opportunities and threats generated by the external environment. The SWOT, SWOT or SWOT matrix will surely be very familiar to you. It has a form like this: In principle, the simplest part of the study is the internal analysis, since to a large extent it is what we know or control best.

The CAME Matrix

The CAME Matrix. Once you have prepared your SWOT matrix, you will have generated a complete analysis that will serve as a starting point to establish strategies that bring you closer to your objectives. That is, you will have laid the foundations to take the next steps. The CAME matrix is ​​a good option as a complementary tool to the SWOT. Although with the first analysis you will have explained the situation, with the CAME you will be able to go BO Leads  further and provide solutions to each point. With this analysis, you will be able to identify which factors you can correct, maintain or exploit , so that your business moves in the right direction.

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