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A problem is just a problem to be solv. Where do problems come from They are the result of change. As long as the situation is stable and nothing new happens everything is calm. But as soon as changes occur here it is a situation that requires decisions. How to solve emerging problems in business Its like after a stretch of straight road you end up at a crossroads. Crossroads is a new event and now you ne to decide whether to go right left forward or backward. Its pointless to complain that we dont know where to go because we dont have enough information.

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It is pointless to postpone the decision we will not get away from it anyway. An undecid decision means only one thing we have decid not to make a decision. And yes the ability to make decisions in the face of a lack of information is an important leadership South Africa Business Email List competency. Change management is not only about solving problems. Problem solving is not only about change management. But lets explore this connection. How to solve emerging problems in business What challenges do organizations face in the face of internal and external change I am sometimes ask about which of the problems being solv for organizations are key.

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They also ask are there any differences between the problems of a small company for example a cozy neighborhood bakery and a large international corporation with tens of thousands of employees. How to solve emerging problems in business I answer BO Leads that yes of course the differences are colossal. Although there is one universal problem that can occur in any size organization if we solve it we have access to solving all other problems. Im talking now about the ability to negotiate to work with the information available in the company to solve emerging problems.

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