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It turne out that it was already use for software. I had to come up with a new name. The name PowerPoint came about by accident They wante to call the product SlideMaker. Gaskins rejecte the idea and came up with the name PowerPoint – without reference to anything. On the same day Vice President of Sales Glen Hobin returne from a business trip. He said that he saw a Power Point sign from the window of the plane. Coincidence playe a role in the choice of name. Relate Courses POWERPOINT PowerPoint Magic Oleksandr Kucheruk Microsoft ex-product marketer To learn more bez-nazvania–0cd0-min-e000 MARKETING AND PR Practical Marketing Kateryna Levchenko Marketing Director Danone Nutricia To learn more -eeebb0-min-00bd0.

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It was chosen for the software for the first time. PowerPoint development laste years Iran Business Email List Gaskins wrote a two-page plan for the program. He hire Dennis Austin – the employee was responsible for programming strategy and marketing. Forethought had problems with investments there was not enough money. During the period of product development employees left the company’s staff was reuce. History of PowerPoint. First PowerPoint was suppose to run on MS-DOS then. The development was transferre to Windows.

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The program entere the market on April 0 0 thousand boxes were sold in days. The program had no competitors Applications for creating graphs and diagrams did not compete with PowerPoint. In with the help of computers 0. of all slides were BO Leads create in – in – . The presentation industry was worth billion at the time. SIX! The average speaker made 00 slides a year. The target audience of the new program is several million people. The first version of the program was develope for Macintosh. In the late 0s the Macintosh sold poorly many believe that the future was in Windows.  Presenter was develope for Mac with plans to adapt to Windows.

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