We have been using the same seo strategies


 Since 2015. Our ahrefs blog has grown from zero to over 600.000 search visits per month. What’s the secret? Persistent. We have been using the same seo strategies for the past six years and it works great. In this guide. You’ll learn: what is blog seo why blog seo is important how to write a blog post for seo how to optimize your blog posts for seo how to improve and maintain blog post rankings but first. Let’s start with the basics. What is blog seo? Blog seo is the process of writing and optimizing blog content to rank in search engines like google. Common tasks relate to blog seo include keyword research . Content writing . On-page seo .

Then you can continue to get traffic

 And link building . Why blog seo is important Malaysia Telegram Number Data while there are many ways to drive traffic to your blog. Search engine traffic tends to be the most consistent. If you can rank for the keywords people are searching for and maintain those rankings.  from google. Many other traffic sources tend to have an initial spike in traffic. But then quickly drop off dramatically. How to write a blog post for seo you nee to know that you can’t expect to attract traffic from google by simply creating blog posts. Because it doesn’t work that way. To have a chance of ranking high. You nee to do research and craft blog posts for seo.

Find keywords every blog post

 Here’s how to do it in five steps find keywords UK Telegram Number confirm search intent confirm format and angle create a data-driven outline write article 1. you write should be optimize for one primary keyword. And that keyword should be something people will actually search for. After all. A topic that no one is searching for won’t get traffic. How to do? You can use a keyword research tool like ahrefs keywords explorer (keyword analysis) . Enter some see keywords or phrases relate to your blog topic and view the phrase match report. For example. If you have a food blog. You could use see keywords like: chicken pasta recipe recipes ribs steak keywords explorer found more than 14 million keywords that contain one or more of th

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