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You will never participate in ranking for the most profitable keywords. If you only focus on mid- to long-term goals. It will take a long time to get traffic. Think of it this way: it’s easy to pick the fruit lower down. But the fruit at the top of the tree is usually juicier. But does that mean it’s not worth picking the low-lying fruit? No. You should still select them. However. You should also plan ahead and have your ladder ready for picking higher fruits later. Part 6 keyword research tools before we wrap everything up. Let’s take a look at some popular keyword research tools that will help you do everything mentione above. Google keyword planner (free) unique keyword suggestions and the latest cpc data.

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 Google trends (free) use for trend comparison Lebanon Telegram Number Data and regional trend research. Google search console (free) you can view the top 1.000 keywords you have ranke and the traffic . Ahrefs webmaster tools (free) use to check all the keywords you are currently ranking for . Along with their estimate search volume. Keyword difficulty. Traffic potential. And various other useful seo metrics. Keyword generator (free) use to generate hundres of free keyword suggestions from see keywords. Keyword difficulty check (free) check the keyword difficulty coefficient. Namely ahrefs keyword difficulty (keyword difficulty). Keyword ranking check (free) use to check your ranking for any keyword in any country. Ahrefs keyword analysis use this tool when you want to get serious about finding the best keywords for your website.

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 It can find tens of thousands of keyword Turkey Telegram Number suggestions in seconds. And can filter out keyword suggestions that are relevant to you. And easily evaluate their traffic potential and ranking difficulty.  keyword research tools 6 best seo keyword research tools how to use google keyword planner summarize the above is enough to help you understand the basic concepts of keyword research and start planning your content strategy. If you’d like to learn more and dive deeper into keyword research. Check out the links to recommende reading scattere throughout this guide. These will give you a deeper understanding of various indicators and tools and how to use them. You may also want to watch this video where we take you through the entire process from start to finish.

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