Advantages of video calling in medical consultation

Nowadays, in a world as digitalized as the one we live in, traditional procedures that seemed immutable seem to be beginning to be simplified through the facilities that the cyber world brings us. That is why today we are going to discuss the topic of medical video consultation and the advantages of video calls in this sector.

The doubts that may arise from the application of medical video consultation in doctor-patient communication can be dispell by mentioning some of its numerous advantages over the traditional method:

Reduction of waiting times for consultations: it is estimat that around two-thirds of the cases of those who go to a medical center can be resolved without the need to physically go to the clinic in question since an appointment is not strictly necessary. immediate physical examination for this.
Medical consultation at home without travel.

Advantages of medical video consultation for patients

The video call for medical consultations saves travel for patients in order to resolve their doubts quickly, safely and with all the guarantees of the telemarketing list judgment of a doctor specializing in the field in question.
Absences from work would not be necessary if this technique was us because it would not be necessary to waste the time spent physically going to the medical center for a consultation that is not complex.
Possible contagion of diseases is avoid by sharing the waiting room space with other patients.
Remote medical consultation
Remote medical consultation is a modality that is rapidly spreading and consolidating in the health field.

Apart from the aforemention advantages for patients, there are multiple benefits also from the doctor’s point of view, such as the greater number of consultations they can attend, savings in expenses and time in traveling to less accessible areas and a strengthening of the relationship that It exists between the practitioner and the user, who sees how their doubts are resolv in a more instantaneous and simple way.

Technology to establish the doctor patient relationship

However, we cannot ignore certain limitations that, although smaller than the benefits, can hinder this medical care via video call:

Limitation of physical examination: this is an obvious disadvantage compar to the physical medical consultation but the doctor will always consider when it will be time to move from the remote medical consultation to one in which they see each other in person.

Risk of medical malpractice: There is always this concern in the medical environment about falling into medical malpractice.
Possibility of breaking the continuity of medical care: it is likely that in a patient’s request for continued medical care it is not possible for the same doctor to be able to attend to the interest party whenever they need it.
In short, the video call modality in medical care has been of great help in strengthening the relationship between the expert and the patient but always BO Leads taking into account certain limitations that, if managed correctly, can end up representing a revolution in the sector. doctor.

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