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Brands are able The opposite effect to the desir one, making you seem too interest in selling rather than communicating. Before you can make your products visible, you will ne to have publish at least nine posts Tags can only be plac on photos and not videos You will also be able to insert tags on old posts you publish before activating the shopping function Tags cannot be appli to posts you sponsor Pay attention to the position of the tags, applying them in a point that has nothing to do with the product could upset the user and cause him not to find out more.

Once you've shar your first shoppable post

All you have to do is publish more! New call-to-action Are you interest in the topic and want to learn more? Check out these articles Instagram Marketing complete guide and strategy for success Instagram trends guide to the latest news How to do lead generation with Instagram marketing. Return to index How to use web designs and development service the other platform tools. Posts are not the only communication tool on Instagram, in fact, to show your products, you can also rely on stories and the link in your bio. The stories and opportunities they hide Since their introduction in. Instagram stories have progressively taken on a prominent role within the platform fast.

Which you can immiately collect

Instant and customizable communication, this is their essence. Through stories you can create videos, immiately usable, that show your product and all its features. We can compare these multimia to small commercials made on mobile phones , through feback from your viewers via direct messages. With this powerful BO Leads mium you can create visual content that talks about the benefits of your product and showcase its use. Furthermore, for some time now, it has been possible to make the stories you publish accessible for an indefinite period of time by choosing to highlight them on your profile, so anyone, at any time, can watch them.

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