The third level of knowing is equal to doing

This kind of knowing is slightly deeper than the first level of knowing. But it still doesnt count as true knowing. The third level of knowing is the knowing of unity of knowlege and action. The third level of knowing is equal to doing. Because only through action the downtoearth practice of what is understood by your brain and the knowlege obtaine through physical practice is the true knowlege. Although I have known for a long time that health is the most important thing and I should exercise. But I didnt do that. It wasnt until I got sick that I realize the importance of physical exercise. At that time I had a knowlege on a skintoskin level. But I still didnt do it.

I already set aside part of my

 It wasnt until I understood the principle Cambodia Email List of unity of knowlege and action that I completely and completely transforme the knowlege in my mind into knowlege in action. Therefore when I said health is the most important thing later on time every day for exercise instead of just knowing but not taking action like before. At this time the two became one thing. The moment I know I was already doing. This is the true unity of knowlege and action. If we cannot truly put into practice the knowlege theories and methods learne in books and classes then Moveyou only saw the moment of the explosion but you didnt see the accumulation day after day so you will be very shocke.

Therefore the key to taking

 After jobs returne to apple he reverse Canada Email List the companys declining performance. But in the years since then he has been in a state of dormancy. Someone aske jobs why he didnt take any action jobs replie im waiting for the opportunity to do the next big thing and now is not the time. This is waiting for the window of opportunity to come.  advantage of the situation and breaking out of the situation is to catch up with the rhythm. When a window of opportunity appears we must be able to make appropriate use of all resources strike in time and achieve success in one fell swoop. As zhang yiming said on weibo jiang ziya only became commanderinchief of the arme forces at the age of 81.

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