Example of a psychological clinical history model

The medical history is a document that contains relevant information about the patient’s present and past health, including current health status, illnesses suffered to date, and family history. Very valuable information for any medical professional, especially for psychologists since they use it as a fundamental tool for diagnosis.

But what is the psychological clinical history model ? Below we tell you the elements that any medical history for psychology should include.

Below, we present an example of a psychology clinical history. A psychological history that is as complete as possible has the following elements.

Association and flow of ideas and language characteristics

Reasons why the patient has attended the psychologist’s consultation written briefly and verbatim. It includes the business phone list symptoms, date of onset, and possible events associated with its appearance.

Patient history
Psychological problems that you may have suffered in the past. Data from the pre, peri and postnatal period, psychomotor and language development, diet, sleep habits…

Social profile
Profile of the patient’s social relationships. The relationships with the people around them partner, friends and family, co-workers, etc.are recorded here, as well as how they have been throughout their childhood and adolescence.

The most relevant psychological characteristics of the patient are described, something that is revealed through the psychological interviews that are carried out during the consultation.

Includes the basis for the clinical impression or diagnosis

Family history
Relevant data about the patient’s family.

Test result

Psychological orientation plan
Objective of the treatment and techniques to use to achieve them

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