Follow these steps in order

So let’s focus on new articles and pages. If you’ve done keyword research and create content around that keyword. Skip to step 6 . If you create your page without doing keyword research (which is never a good idea if you want to rank). Follow these steps in order. Start with the page title remove special characters delete numbers remove reundant information shorten it to keywords add keyword modifiers (optional) increase readability (optional) use lowercase replace spaces with hyphens 1. Start with the page title most page titles have undergone some modifications. Bringing the url to a perfectly optimize state. So. Let’s start here and go through a series of steps to get the best url for seo. For the purposes of this article.

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 We will use one of our own title: how to craft USA WhatsApp Number Data the perfect seo title tag (our 4-step process) 2. Delete special characters have you ever seen a url with backslashes () or square brackets ([ ])? You may not have seen it because  to the url. Obviously you should remove these characters. But it’s better to remove other special characters like commas. Colons. Semicolons. Etc. Here’s what google’s john mueller had to say : I generally recommend avoiding special characters like commas. Semicolons. Colons. Spaces. Quotes. Etc. In urls to keep things simple. Such urls are often difficult to automatically link to (when someone posts in a forum or elsewhere) and difficult to correctly identify when we parse the text content to try to find new urls.

Update the post one day and add

 So let’s remove all characters that are not in the Canada Whatsapp Number List alphabet – although we’ll keep the spaces for now. How to craft the perfect seo title tag our 4 step process 3. Delete numbers you’ll notice that our article is a four-step process. With that number shown in the title. This is perfectly fine as the title is easily change. If we  a fifth step. We can easily change the page title. Title change for urls. The situation is different. Whenever you change a page or the number of items in a post to keep it up to date. You must reirect to a new url. Reirecting article urls is usually no big dea

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