How is brand positioning determined

Before delving into the phases to go through to define your brand positioning. It is good to make a couple of premises. On the one hand we want to recommend authenticity to you . Marketing positioning represents what you want people to think of your brand. So it’s better to avoid pretenses and creators, transparency will certainly be rewarded. On the other hand, remember not to be too static . It is correct to frame and fix your positioning, but remain flexible. For any modifications and functional changes to your business. Now we are ready to start with brand positioning.

Define current positioning

In this initial phase you must have absolutely clear ideas about what the current situation is regarding marketing positioning. If the brand is already on the market, you need to accurately identify the current situation . Are there any problems? Is there a need to act on positioning? Analyze the case and evaluate the new direction and actions for repositioning. If your brand is now entering the market you have to build your position from scratch using research, customer data. But first of all, start from yourself. What elements distinguish me from the competition? What benefit do I bring to my customer. These are just an idea of ​​questions to ask. A valid aid for a deeper study can be the swot analysis.

Identify the competition and its market positioning

Now repeat the same questions you just asked yourself, but thinking about your competition . What are the competing brands? What are they doing. How do they differ. What more do they offer the customer. Defining the brands that may pose a danger to your business helps you understand how they act. What might make them unique and why the public likes them . A real pool of useful information and, perhaps, distinctive ideas for you. Having drawn up a list of the main companies in the sector, focus on their positioning. That is, it BO Leads investigates the essence of the brand values, mission, characteristics and strategies. Having a clear understanding of where others are in the market gives you a huge competitive advantage.

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