How is it used in digital marketing

AI creates a seamless customer shopping experienceAI delivers a seamless customer shopping experience

Every retailer knows they need to go omnichannel to provide a consistent experience for their customers. AI can help you on this journey.

Conversational Chat: Chatbots powered by AI technology and machine learning for customer service. We use natural language processing to assist shoppers with their questions, provide useful information, and connect customers to associates when needed. Chatbots guide customers through their shopping by providing on-demand, always-available support.

Visual Curation: AI-powered search tools allow customers to discover new or similar products using image-based search and analytics. The result is product recommendations based on aesthetics and similarity.

Provide a seamless customer experience

Retail Intelligence: This tool aims to track and analyze how consumers behave in  stores. Based on the insights gained from these analytics, you can predict future customer behavior and deliver innovative and memorable experiences. You can also increase sales and telephone list biz profits by identifying where sales are being lost and which marketing campaigns are more effective.

AI supports sales and marketingAI supports sales and marketing.

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Marketing and sales support

Today , 51% of e-commerce retailers are applying AI technology to their sales, marketing, and customer service BO Leads processes to provide a seamless user experience. Introducing AI in marketing and sales can help you plan and execute strategies and measure results by automating a variety of tasks.

Let’s take programmatic advertising as an example. Sellers can automate ad buying and ad serving and more accurately target their ideal customers. This helps you reduce wasted advertising dollars on the wrong targets and lets you focus only on your highest-converting audiences. You can also increase engagement by pushing relevant messages in real time.

Another way AI can assist retailers is through upselling. Sales reps need to understand the customers they are upselling to and be provided with personalized data about those customers. AI can help improve the shopping experience and create more sales opportunities. Augmented reality try-ons, facial recognition payments, and voice chat assistants for product searches are examples of AI applications in sales.

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