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 Which may be a sign that it nees to be republishe. At ahrefs. We’ve found many times that we can get good results by updating or even completely rewriting content. Below is an example where you can see a huge increase in organic search traffic after a simple update. Increase traffic due to update content further reading content republishing: how to update old blog posts for seo content update: step-by-step strategies (base on update 50+ articles) main points on-page optimization refers to anything you can do on a page to improve its ranking and visibility. This does not mean repeating keywords. Which will hurt your rankings. It’s about helping google and searchers better understand and digest your content. If a page isn’t ranking as well as it should be.

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 You can always make improvements. Republishing Malaysia WhatsApp Number Data content often will generally yield good results. Frequently aske questions about on-page optimization faq. What is the difference between on-page seo and off-page seo? They target two different sets of factors. On-page seo focuses on factors affecting seo that occur on the page. While off-page seo focuses on factors off-page. In other words. On-page seo control over. While off-page seo involves factors that you don’t have complete control over. What is the difference between on-page optimization and technical optimization? Technical seo primarily deals with the backend of your website. Helping google and other search engines discover. Crawl. Understand. And index your pages. On-page seo.

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 On the other hand. Focuses on the content of the UK Whatsapp Number List website to ensure it is relevant and showcases high-quality content. Does every page nee seo? No. Only the pages you want to be visible to searchers nee to be seo optimize. Therefore. It is recommende  the pages that are of greatest value to your business. Are long pages bad for seo? Google does not have a preference for page length. Therefore. We should always provide enough content to match the user’s search intent and satisfy their nees. What is keyword stuffing? This is the overuse of a target keyword in the content of the page for the purpose of ranking for that keyword.

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