Keep the Html Code Well-organized and Use Good Technical Seo Practices

Use static links; Have a responsive website so that the content can be accessed from different devices. Use images of at least 60 x 90 pixels or proportions , and in the recommended formats. Namely Provide a sitemap, which is an XML file that contains a list of URLs that Google will crawl. Use structured data and keep it updated, such as publication date and Time, title, author, etc. How important is it to create quality content that appears on Google News? Sites shown on Google News undergo strict evaluation criteria in order to display your content.

Google News to Increase Traffic?

As we mentioned, Google News feeds are grouped by specific topics. Therefore,  so it’s crucial to know job function email list how to upload valuable news to Google. Each topic brings together current major publications from different sources. Within each topic group, the title of each news item is displayed and, in some cases, a small excerpt of the content is published. This way, if a user wants to read the full news, they will be redirected to the website where the material was published. This means that Google News can act as a costa rica phone number list portal for your site, helping to drive traffic.

The Tool Uses a Search Engine

To find relevant information and provide it to the user. Translate content: whether from English to BO Laeds Spanish or other languages, this system is capable of translating texts as if it were a Google translator or Deepl itself. Write emails Copies for social networks, advertisements, etc. Write product sheets, reviews for your eCommerce . These would be the main benefits for users, although they are innumerable. Pros and cons of Now let’s move on to the advantages and disadvantages of this software.

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