Negativity is spreading on

Negativity is spreading on. Battle IN stories vs Mojo Hello I am Adel Davletshin. Director of the Friend Mia bureau Now almost every SMM specialist or blogger has Instrokes and Mojo applications. We have already written about them. In a selection of applications for a content manager , and now we decid to compare their real functions. Comparison of applications in our article. Working with photos or videos. IN stories there are many templates that do everything with. Your source code break it into fragments , twist it , move it. Whereas in Mojo there are a couple of such templates.

Description of the implementation of

The rest with all the boring zoom or shift. Point for the first app on photo editing servies the list. Stock opportunities In each of the applications, the Unsplashed library is available. Photos from which you can use to create your own animations. But with IN stories you can also add videos from Pixels. We would t say that we use this often , but it happen. in favor of IN stories. Work with text Despite the fact that. IN stories has a much more extensive font library and a more user friendly interface. I like working with text in Mojo more.

The work process and its features

Perhaps the application itself is more tailor for. This , but even the BO Leads animation seems more interesting there. Subjective in favor of Mojo. Mounting options Both applications are strictly. Design for templates and do not allow them to be change. In terms of icing, Mojo loses significantly transitions between. Parts of the video are not adjust in any way , and working with a long video itself does not work very accurately. IN stories, on the other hand, allows you to customize not only transitions , but also has. A clear interface for icing both the total time and the time of appearance of elements.

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