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You can also create a list of potential problems that buyers can point out. Preparing an answer to each of the arguments in advance will make it easier to lead the client in the right direction at the time of the test. We recommend Customer journey: what is it and how to create it? Similarly, it is worth planning in advance the last stage of the sales process, re-contact with the customer. Some people are not aware that it is much easier to close a sale with an existing customer than to look for a new one from scratch.

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That is why the process of contacting the customer after the sale is so important. It can take the form of a casual phone call or regular, scheule surveys or conversations – it is important not to end the sales process when the contract is signe. Tools helpful in planning the sales process On the blog, we describe a number of tools that can be helpful database in planning individual stages of the sales process. These include both software and methods of planning or management. These are instruments such as the sales funnel or the customer path – plan them carefully and you will see the next stages of the sales process at your fingertips.


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When it comes to practical aspects, CRM software, one that is use to track customer relationships, may come in handy. You don’t have to memorize the most important facts about the sale – write down the most important facts there and then call the BO Leads customer according to the agree scheule. If, however, you do not know how to acquire customers yet, order an audit and plan an effective marketing strategy for your company with us .Perhaps you are one of those people whose skin crawls at the thought of soliciting potential customers by phone or e-mail. Fortunately, nowadays you don’t have to resort to such methods to make the first contact with them.

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