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The book outlines 4 principles of Total Rewards that the company follows: icon 1 Google has shed the illusion of paying employees according to merit writes Laszlo Bock: “In a futile attempt to be ‘fair’ most companies invent reward systems that are supposed to reward the best and those who are about to leave. Here is the first and most important principle: turn your back on conventional practices even if at first you will be uncomfortable. The problem is that often someone’s personal contribution to a common cause increases much faster than his salary. icon 2 Celebrate accomplishments not rewards. Google once introduced a $1 million Founders Award and then abandoned it.

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Involuntarily we created a reward system that reduced the feeling of happiness in almost the entire company . We put money at the forefront completely unwillingly” notes Laszlo Bock in his book. icon 3 Make expressing love easier. “If people are UK Business Email List allowed to reward each other it will benefit the corporate culture” – decided at Google. icon 4 Appreciate failure if it is meaningful. Laszlo Bock writes: “The act of knowingly taking risks is itself worthy of encouragement especially if failure looms ahead. Otherwise people will stop taking risks altogether. Principles of Total Rewards at Google The main slogan of Google employees: Freedom of action increases productivity.

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The company has a high level of salaries and the corporate culture promotes development. When launching Total Rewards Google’s guidance advises implementing one method at a time. So the team will have time to get used to the innovations and the BO Leads authorities will be able to evaluate the results. Comprehensive motivation Total Rewards: training career growth and employee comfort. 4 1. Family support Google provides parental leave and monetary compensation after the birth of children. There are payments in case of death of employees. A widow or widower will receive 50% of the salary for 10 years.

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