Programs to detect online plagiarism in documents

Have you ever published a medical or scientific article and some time later seen it posted on a website without your permission? It is a problem Programs to detect  that affects many medical journals , so perhaps someone is already using your work without you knowing it, but with these tools to detect plagiarism you can discover those who are taking advantage of what you have worked so hard to do. difficult to do.

Viper is a free plagiarism detector that Programs to detect helps detect plagiarism on the Internet and among documents stored on your computer. Supports the following formats: TXT, HTM, DOC, RTF
Plagiarisma.Net is a free plagiarism detector for works; it also works with texts or web page content. If you paste the text directly you can search not only for word-for-word plagiarism but also for paraphrased content.

PlagTracker is an online plagiarism tracker

Plagium is a professional plagiarism search platform, but it allows you to do one free search per day.
With a very Programs to detect simple interface, Copyscape is a free plagiarism detector for reviews detecting website plagiarism. You just have  to enter the url of your page to check if someone has copied your content. In addition, they offer you banners with free anti-plagiarism.

It is another freemium tool, that is, there is a free version with limited functionality and a paid version that offers many more things.

Gramarly not only detects plagiarism but is a complete platform for text correction. Therefore, it is a very useful tool for those who write articles in English.

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An easy way to detect plagiarism is by searching for quoted fragments of the text in the Google search engine. The websites on which that fragment of text appears will appear.

With these programs to detect plagiarism in documents you will be able to see who is using your work without asking your permission. Keep in mind that the difference between inspiration and plagiarism is very blurry sometimes. Getting the plagiarist to delete the BO Leads text or at least give you the recognition you deserve as the original author may not be so easy.

Have you ever been plagiarized? What did you do when you found out? Comments are open, as always.

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