Specific programs for drawing

Available on desktop and in mobile version. It is the greatest ally of graphic designers who use the graphics tablet for their work. Oriented towards drawing and painting. This software is also ideal for creating projects that require speed of execution . Therefore it allows the creation of images with just a few steps, reducing processing times. The wide choice of brushes, shades and lines, together with the most disparate blending and application modes. Make it a precious tool not only for graphic designers and designers, but also for artists. It follows the logic of work levels therefore it allows a good organization of the elements and facilitates in the case of modifications.

Clip studio paint

It is a drawing program structured on multi-level pages. Designed for use with a graphics tablet, on screen or from a mobile device such as a tablet.  And brushes to which are added 3d models, decorations, animations and text. In addition to the tools, the approach on which it is based, which allows frame-to-frame work europe email list texture applications and the creation of caption

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s, makes it the first choice for designing illustrations and animations.

3 sites for creating custom fonts

europe email list

It may seem like a simple choice, but it isn’t at all. A font tells a lot about a brand; it helps him express his character. Convey the message and, above all, underline the visual impact . A significant contribution in terms of memorability. For all these reasons it must be selected or created with care. As support in this phase there are several specialized sites. Fonts in use . It is a sort of typographical archive, where the various types of fonts are cataloged according to format, character and so on. The site also offers examples for each font, so as to show the possible ways of use for BO Leads  each font. Friends of type . To be used if you are looking for the latest news in the sector . In fact, on this site, lettering and typography projects freshly designed by the creators are proposed. Therefore avant-garde and style to inspire the birth of your font.

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