The 5 best psychology apps for professionals and patients

Mobile applications are a really useful tool for the daily lives of citizens. Professionals in the psychology sector also enjoy its multiple benefits and both they and their patients. Can enjoy the numerous advantages of having the best psychology app .

Medical software apps for psychologists and patients
Below, we present a selection of the 5 best medical software apps for psychologists and patients:

It is an application that compiles the latest news related to the field of Psychology. It acts as a summary of the main information relat to the sector from. Various sources with all the facilities to access or save it.

Medical software apps for psychologists and patients

This program serves as a means of communication between professionals in. The sector and clients, allowing consultations to be made via video call , as happens with telephone biz Skype but with. The add value of facilitating payment for the consultation through the same application.

This tool is intend for psychologists and experts from other relat disciplines. With the aim of studying the different regions of the brain, in addition to facilitating the user’s access to the most recent studies in the field of neuroscience.

It is a psychology app aim at facilitating the difficult process of accessing the public health system through competitive examinations for many Psychology graduates. It offers different multiple choice exams bas on the questions from the latest calls, in order to train for the day indicat on the calendar of these candidates.

It is a program that seeks to treat different phobias

Although it can also be us for other disorders, such as OCD. It does not seek to replace therapies with professionals but as a complement to them.

These are the 5 most widespread psychology apps in this professional field to support the work of psychologists, as well as to help patients when accessing these therapies.

However, if you are looking for medical software for psychologists that allows you to manage your center with all the facilities, do not hesitate to use Clinic Cloud , a cloud clinic BO Leads management program that is increasingly widespread in the sector due to its quality and security. .

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