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Using the right ways to attract employees you can significantly save your time minimize the cost of effort resources and find really suitable people. How music affects productivity How music helps you focus on work and Music is considere one of the greatest creative discoveries of mankind. But does it increase productivity That’s a good question as music is gaining more and more space in today’s workspace. In addition she has an amazing ability to brighten up the time – just like art objects decorate the space not letting us get bore. Since we spend most of our time at work and partly our work is connected with computers music has become an invariable companion to all our daily tasks – it has become one of the tools for optimizing the boring routine actions that we perform while buried in monitors.

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To better understand the impact of music on productivity let’s look at some research. How music helps to focus on work and creativity 0 Music brightens up monotonous activities The effectiveness of music depends on how deeply we need to immerse Denmark Business Email List ourselves in the performance of a particular task given the creative specifics of the work. If a specific well-defined task requires monotonous repetitive actions then according to a study conducted by the journal Applied Ergonomics music consistently helps to increase the productivity of such work. How music helps you focus on work and creativity 1 During a series of experiments the relationship between the efficiency of performing monotonous work and the background music that sounds during its execution was investigate.

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The results confirm that the use of music in production processes contributes to increased economic benefits. For example assembly line workers demonstrated increased efficiency and job satisfaction when listening to music while working. How music helps you focus on work and creativity 2 Recent research by Dr. Teresa Lesyuk argues that the source of this BO Leads performance boost is not the music itself but rather the improvement in mood when listening to your favorite songs.  According to the results of the study music containing dissonant elements did not have any effect on productivity while music in major keys showed a higher result.

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