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Keys to Success and Mistakes That May Have Crashed Netflix Traditional television networks. Do not have such privileges their figures are very approximate. Lets look at an example. Netflix has the ability to see the watch to the end rating. Keys to Success and Mistakes That May Have Caused Netflix to Crash For example company analysts might ask the question How many users who started watching Arrested Development from the first season made it to the end of the third And they get a response – lets say.

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They then ask At what point does the show most lose viewers What were the other doing What was the interval between watching one episode and the next If Netflix finds that the audience has not ignored a single season of a series that has already been closed Uzbekistan Business Email List then it will most likely be reopened. Events tracked by Netflix icon when you pause and rewind icon what day you watch the content viewers most often prefer TV series during the week and movies on weekends icon date time and place of viewing icon what device are you on icon when you pause and or quit watching and whether you return to it icon what ratings do you give.

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To content about million reviews per day icon search history about million entries daily icon browser and scroll history How Big Data Came to House of Cards In Netflix made the most important decision which was not about assets but about content. The company BO Leads outbid HBO and AMC for the rights to the US version of House of Cards. The total cost of the first two seasons of the series was million. Each episode cost – million. Undoubtedly Netflix has made such massive investments before but nothing like this in the field of content. Keys to Success and Mistakes That May Have Caused Netflix to Crash So why was there such a high stake. How exactly did the analytics influence the decision Lets figure it out.

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