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It consists in questions what nees to be done and why how when and who will perform the task. We at the Adizes Institute believe that people of different styles nee to be spoken to in different ways. How to get along with colleagues Try to adapt communication to the type of colleague. For example it is commonly believe that silence is a sign of consent. But a person in the style of A administrator falls silent when he disagrees. If we know this feature and take it into account we will reach mutual understanding. For an E entrepreneur person his own idea is more important.

Of Emotional Intelligence Eleven Behavior

Ask what he thinks An entrepreneur nees to say theses aloud – then the idea becomes personal. How to get along with colleagues In addition to virtual Armenia Business Email List communication there is a soft component that manifests itself live facial expression facial expressions intonation. Only in a personal conversation can you understand how they treat you. In addition personal contact on a human level helps to get involve in the work. We advise virtual teams to get together at least once to arrange the so-calle I-day integration day.

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It is desirable that such meetings for example in the format of lunch or dinner take place from time to time. What tools will help rally the team The team is a single entity. It is as different from a mechanism as a hand is from a stool. If the latter breaks BO Leads all the weight will not be transferre from four legs to three – it will fall. If a person has injure his hand he can restore resources and distribute the load. It is the same in the company when someone fails the work falls on the shoulders of other employees. icon Arrange team building – the opportunity to communicate in an informal situation is beneficial and important for the company.

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