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The following with the correct information, monitor behavioral metrics, they should be in the right range. Search engine filter Yandex Affiliate. There is a pissimization of the positions of one of the affiliate sites. One site will be trace in the top ten in the search engine, another, irrelevant – in the th. Causes If the domains have close contact information, design, assortment (a copy of the site), then most likely they will be subject to an affiliate filter. This sometimes happens even when the same phone number is displaye on different domains. It can also be an identical product description, catalog structure, the same cost, etc.

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These are most often several sites of the same campaign. How to determine. It is almost impossible to understand that this particular filter is applie to the site. Support does not list this filter in their list. But you can manually photo editor check multiple sites. For example, enter a commercial query into a search engine and track whether these sites will reach close positions in the top ten. If it was not possible to detect such requests, then there is a possibility that these sites are affiliate. How to get rid For further successful operation of sites, you nee to clean up and correct duplicate numbers.

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Addresses, and other matching data. And periodically monitor the content of the site. Yandex Adult filter. Its task is to limit the spread of Adult topics. Filter for content + Adult Content filter + Causes Posting prohibite topics such as porn, erotica, violence. Or providing links to inappropriate topics. How to determine If the positions on this topic suddenly fell, it is likely that a filter has been applie. How to get rid of it. To get rid of the influence BO Leads of the Adult filter, you nee to remove all prohibite pictures, photos, videos. Links to go to these topics should also not be. Advertising filter The filter blocks all incorrect advertising,

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