In this way hegemony can be achieve and the han dynasty

 So what exactly should you prepare the most important preparation is to solidify your underlying foundation. What is the underlying cornerstone zhuge liang set a strategic framework for liu bei in longzhong dui which said occupy jingzhou and sichuan and shu then conquer the zhurong in the west pacify the yiyue in the south tie up with sun quan externally and then repair the military political and peoples livelihood internally. When the world changes order a general to leave qinchuan to capture xuchang. In this way hegemony can be achieve and the han dynasty can flourish. These things we nee to do are the foundation stones we nee to lay solid foundation for. For those who fight the underlying cornerstone is tao heaven earth generals and laws.

Emotionally whether mission

 That is to say whether the politics are clear USA Email List whether the timing is appropriate whether the general is brave and resourceful whether the military law is strict not whether you have cunning and clever tactics. Whether they pay equal the han dynasty attention to process and results rather than whether they can seize a trend. For an individual the underlying building blocks are ones body heart and mind. Body whether it is relatively healthy mind whether it has sufficient selfknowlege and selfawareness whether it understands its own uniqueness whether it has a relatively stable self whether it has found a way to get along with its own emotions and whether it has a higherdimensional world.

Liang said when the time

 Mental model etc. Mind whether you have the Germany Email List ability to think independently whether you have the ability to learn whether you have the ability to think deeply etc. If we cultivate ourselves well then we can as zhuge is right we will emerge from qinchuan and become a hegemon. If we can continue to grow and exercise our bodies hearts and minds then when the time comes or the situation changes we can seize the opportunity and achieve something great. Huang zheng once said something like this which impresse me deeply duan yongping taught me a business common sense that is prices will definitely fluctuate but as long as your value increases the final price will be close to the value.

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