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How to Implement Agile Companywide One full-flege battle room team is good but the main task is to make the entire marketing company work according to Agile. And that takes time and resources. Head of Sberbank of Russia German Gref Those who do not master Agile in current business processes today will be losers tomorrow. The first step in rescaling is to be believe. As the battle room team conducts testing the results of Agile practices will create a reputation for themselves within the organization. For each successful test the team forecasts the impact and prepares a brief within the company recommending the establishment of a set of rules governing business activities and initiatives.

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However you nee to first study how it works on a larger scale. Key Benefits of Agile When people believe you it’s easier to add new Agile groups. One large Qatar Business Email List retail chain has scale up to battle room teams working in parallel. As organizations add new battlerooms it’s important that each battleroom be focuse on just one goal product or service depending on business priorities. Key Benefits of Agile For example some companies create one team to work on customer acquisition and another to cross-sell and up-sell to existing customers.

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In other organizations these groups focus on different products customer segments or forks in the customer journey. We recommend adding Agile teams one at a time and only after the previous one has already begun to function fully. When the BO Leads number of such groups grows and their capabilities increase you can slowly expand their focus – so that they update the rules of business and work contrary to existing orders. This systematic approach doesn’t just keep every new command running after launch. It also allows business leaders to develop metrics tables to track the performance of individual teams.

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