The more other relate keywords are involve in the pages

This is not uncommon. Our research shows that the average top-ranking page will rank in the top 10 for about 1.000 other relate keywords. Ok2average keyword rankings by position translator’s note: in ahrefs’ research . The higher the ranking. The more other relate keywords are involve in the pages. And the more keywords these pages are ranke for. The lower the ranking. The number of keywords that can be ranke will be. The less. This table counts the average number of keywords that rank in the top 10. We can learn two things from this: first. It is often not easier to rank for “subordinate” long-tail keywords than to rank for the keywords most commonly use in search topics .

Optimize your pages for the most commo

 Such as “how to lose weight.” you’ll see this if Telegram Number Database you compare the keyword difficulty score for “how to lose weight” with the other long-tail keywords above. Which all have very high keyword difficulty scores. Ok28 supporting long tail keywords kd second. You should not optimize your pages with “affiliate” keywords. You should n expressions use to search for a certain topic. What are “Topic” long-tail keywords ” topic” long-tail keywords refer to keywords that are the most commonly use expressions for searching for a certain topic. But have low single search volume. A good example of “Topic” long-tail keywords is “Keyword cannibalization”: ok29 topical long tail keyword “ keyword cannibalization” only has 250 searches per month.

People are unwilling to invest

 But that’s not because the topic has other. More Ethiopia Telegram Number commonly use search terms. But because few people care about this topic. The monthly search volume of this keyword is low. We can learn two things from this: first. It’s generally easier to rank high for “topic” long-tail keywords because competition for these terms is lower. Too much time and energy in ranking topics with low traffic. Second. “Topic” long-tail keywords can bring a lot of traffic to your website. You just nee to use them a lot to rank. You can discover some “Topic” long-tail keywords by searching for a certain topic in ahrefs’ keyword analysis . And then filter out keywords with low traffic and low difficulty.

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