This is not the only novelty

Therefore small and based in historic centers and in areas of the city with a commercial vocation; for the first time the commercial activity can also  This is not the only novelty be exclusively online. Because e-commerce is facilitated ; for the first time in a tender intended for trade. Access is exclusively electronic and requires possession of a certified certified email and digital signature for both the trader

The management software for car rental

The management software for car rental companies created by intempra accelerates. Simplifies and lightens the daily management processes of the formalities for the new database  creation and management of an offer This is not the only noveltyor quote to the customer. And to resolve all the needs and problems typical of the property and maintenance of a fleet of vehicles of any size.The certainty of being able to issue rental invoices punctually within the pre-established deadline and without any errors or omissions. Always in compliance with the estimates and agreements with the customers.

new base

Customer management and quote

Customer management and quote creation This is not the only noveltyhave been studied and perfected alongside the managers of the main italian car rental BO Leads  companies and agencies to be immediate and effective and ready to satisfy any type of customer need or request.The management of the vehicle fleet is simple and streamlined and covers every need for monitoring and tracking assistance and maintenance interventions (and related costs). Both ordinary and extraordinary.Together with the control of the customer schedule. Reduces the management times of the procedures in favor of timely collection management.

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