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How to inspire employees in a startup Reward more than just complet projects Successful companies encourage employees for their desire to develop intellectually and expand their horizons. Sometimes it looks like bonuses for the number of books read or learning a foreign language. Sometimes – as invitations to a festival or exhibition. Another option is to partially or fully pay employees for courses or master classes that improve their professional skills. How to inspire employees in a startup Thus the management shows that the intellectual and cultural development of the individual is one of the greatest values ​​for the company.

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This immiately causes boundless respect. How to inspire employees in a startup Trust and it will be mutual Top companies cultivate the value of freom. For example a story from a video by a popular blogger Kasho Gasanov . How to inspire Bosnia and Herzegovina Business Email List employees in a startup The guy liv in China for several years and work as a screenwriter in a game development company. According to him during working hours employees were forbidden to gather in a company of more than two people even on work issues. The boss was worri that the workers would be idle.

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Employees could not take a break and be distract so that they could then take on the task with renew vigor. They had to sit at a computer with an open Word document simulating printing so that the cameras would not notice the parasites. Obviously BO Leads in such conditions the desire to work disappears after a week. How to inspire employees in a startup By giving employees freom you give them a cribility. You say I understand that you are an adult and responsible person after all we do not take others into our company I believe that you will be able to organize your working time effectively.

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