There is no nee to go to the unite states

Complete registration. Obtain a us company. Ein. And activate a stripe account. Registration threshold: chinese residents can also register and do not require a visa. Passport. Etc. There is no nee to go to the unite states. And the entire process can be fille out online. Limit: theoretically you can register a company in any state. But currently stripe atlas only supports delaware. The types of companies in the unite states are divide into llc and c corporation. Registering an llc requires a u.S. Identity. So you can only choose c corporation. Adding up the above two points is: for chinese residents. Only one c corporation can be registere in delaware using the stripe atlas service.

The application form first

 If you have additional nees. Then stripe atlas is Sweden Telegram Number Data not a good choice. And you don’t nee to read the following article. Cost: $500 registration fee $100 annual stripe agency fee delaware franchise tax of $420 per year fill outopen the stripe atlas page: https://stripe.Com/atlas if you don’t have a stripe account yet. Create one directly here. If you already have a stripe account. Click sign in. Note: the stripe account registere at this time is an inactive account and cannot be use to collect payments. Then after registering and logging in to a stripe account. We will enter this interface: stripe requires us to fill in the company’s name. Founder information. Company type and other information.

For chinese residents

 Just fill it in truthfully here. The only thing you nee India Telegram Number to pay attention to is the choice of company type. Stripe supports llc and c corporation. But llc requires a us identity. Therefore. . They can only choose c corporation. I submitte this form on august 8. 2020. Waiting for registration after submitting this form. Stripe will produce relevant documents base on the content fille in our form and submit them to the delaware regulatory authorities. Then we just nee to wait quietly for a response. We can check the progress in our stripe backend. Sign documents on august 10. 2020. I receive an email from stripe: the email basically says: we have prepare the documents relate to registering a company for you.

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