We are able to measure user engagement

The customer on the purchase path. The perfect summary of this lecture is. The motto: e-commerce does not live by the last click alone! Mateusz Muryjas talk about the power of taking small steps during the next presentation. He emphasiz the importance of. Micro-conversions in achieving the company’s main goals. By setting small goals, on our website, which in turn. Can make it easier for us to obtain a potential lead. Mateusz also discuss the possibilities of creating your own events using the Google Data Studio tool and their proper cataloging using the Google Sheets tool. and an uneven fight for every of conversion The last speech from the first block – At the front of the fight for every of conversion – belong to Paweł Gniadkowski.

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The owner of the Obido company . but difficult topic, concerning the trap of following the usual pattern in the company’s operations. In his company, he us an unusual approach of regularly introducing large changes in the company’s operation, which database he describ in steps: Get away from everything. Collect data. Select meeting participants narrow, trust group of people. Brainstorm. Work to an end that pleases everyone. Paweł emphasiz that he is not afraid of asking himself and others difficult questions and Sławomir drew attention to the problem of too large.


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A set of data and thematic scope, as well of users. He also discuss the use of the TF IDF TF -Term Frequency, IDF – Inverse Document Frequency BO Leads algorithm and drew attention to the possibilities of the Surfer SEO tool itor. People planning to conquer foreign markets could use the knowlge of Artur Strzelecki, who talk about the development of an online store abroad.

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