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Now they formulate every meeting every order every task according to the formula what should be done how norms criteria details when and by whom. Sometimes the how element is omitt but where possible the ne to deal with this issue is made clear. How to solve emerging problems in business There are different ways to solve the same problem. Functional administrative creative and integrating unifying. For example how you can approach ensuring that employees do not smoke in inappropriate places icon Functional way allocate smoking areas and report them.

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Administrative ban smoking announce fines and apply them. icon Creative to interest in something else by creating conditions. For example instead of smoking rooms organize coffee and book corners where you can also talk comfortably. icon Integrating Rwanda Business Email List invite employees to propose a solution themselves. The last method can show the longest and riskiest but most often the fears are in vain. An independently propos solution is more readily execut. Even if it in the end turns out to be about the same prohibitions and fines. How to solve emerging problems in business Sometimes the side effects of decisions made make things more difficult than they were before.

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The cure is worse than the disease. Think ahead icon What will be the consequences of this decision icon What will get better and what will get harder. Are there other ways to get the desir improvements that will ruce the risk of side effects How to solve BO Leads emerging problems in business Change is exhausting employees get tir and burn out. We too are tir and in a hurry. In this hustle and bustle we forget to celebrate achievements celebrate successes thank you for your contribution. How to solve emerging problems in business Small holidays awards and words of gratitude are important in order to recharge the batteries.

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