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Nothing nees to be thought out there is no room for imagination. The mind is resting. icon It is difficult to assess the scale of the upcoming changes because we are part of the process and it is not easy to look at it from the outside. But one can make assumptions the number of large texts in literature will be reuce the storyline will be simplifie and the number of main characters will decrease. For comparison in the classic Chinese novel of the th century Dream in the Re Chamber there are about 0 main characters and almost 00 minor ones. After reading You can apply tips on how to upgrade your brain and take a fresh look at the familiar.

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Amy Banks and Lee Hirschman On the same wavelength Book digest – we recommend books about the fight against the fear of communication about the art of influence and business models that bring regular profit. Briefly about the book It is generally accepte Bahrain Business Email List that a successful person does not nee anyone. If you demonstrate that you nee someone you are weak. But neuroscience proves that the constant building of boundaries between people is contrary to our nature. The authors talk about neural pathways that will help you get closer to colleagues and family.

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Why by nature a person seeks to build relationships icon Reptiles don’t have the neural structures that make them feel pain if they’re exclude from a social group. And we have with you. Reptiles don’t nee to know that other animals really BO Leads understand them. And we nee it. Reptiles do not release stimulatory neurochemicals in the company of their own kind. But our body works differently. icon Relationships determine. The structure of the brain our ability to be motivate to remain cool in critical situations. To correctly perceive the social signals of others depends on their quality.

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