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 This 7-a-side soccer competition, which unites the elements of sport with the world of video games on Twitch, has become a sensation, and now the Américas Kings League seeks to conquer viewers beyond Spanish territory. The Américas Kings League, like other versions of the competition, will feature prominent figures from the world of content creation, such as streamers and influencers, as well as big names from the world of professional football.

Recognized for its commitment and involvement

Among the confirmed footballers top industry data are Chicharito Hernández and Humberto Chupete Suazo. In this sense, Gerard Piqué pointed out in a video with.  In Mexico, other prominent Spanish-speaking figures will be among the presidents. “There may be Argentines, Colombians, Chileans and we want to encompass a league for the entire region ,” explained the former soccer player.

Entertainment and the community

Regarding the alliance with Banco Santander. Piqué highlighted BO Leads that he was “very happy to have an ally like. Santander México to launch the Américas Kings League Santander. A competition in which we will continue to focus on sport, entertainment and the community. Maintaining our disruptive character.” Furthermore. Through a statement he expressed that “Santander is a bank recognized. For its commitment and involvement in the best sports.

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