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Unobtrusive sales methods produce results. For example McDonald’s offers a coffee pie and many agree. At LABA I saw a cool project excellent teachers but sales were not established. We held a competition for 50 people hired 4 managers distributed areas of responsibility and began to work actively. Management in Sales and Personal Life 2 I have a table of objections standard answers are painted there. There are many techniques and questions in telephone sales scripts. Memorized phrases work but it is more important to feel the pain of your interlocutor. Formulate the ultimate benefit and convey it to the person. Reputation and customer relations I build long-term relationships with customers write to them on social networks and keep in touch.

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I have a name and a reputation for recommending only useful services. You have to ask the buyer about his problem and understand whether the product meets the request or not. If not don’t sell. People every day observe “pushing in” and think that the Bulgaria Business Email List manager’s task is to sell the goods at any cost. Everyone has experiences with purchases that fall short of expectations. At the next attempt to sell impudently the brain will say: “Danger they want to take away our money from us.” And the person closes. If I understand that the product is not useful I will not sell it. I had a client at LABA who implemented a CRM system and wanted to buy a course.

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I dissuaded him explained that the training was not designed for beginners. A person would use only 15% of the knowledge gained. The next purchase would be more difficult for him. Management in sales and personal life 3 I sold not only trainings but also BO Leads cosmetics jewelry books. It is more difficult to sell a virtual product but it is more profitable. You can set any price. Material things are easier to sell they have characteristics. But the products may run out of stock the profit will be less. If the doctor has given us a prescription we will not buy another medicine at the pharmacy. A sales manager is like a doctor – he prescribes a “medicine” to the client that will help relieve pain.

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