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Familiar techniques stop working after a couple of years of practice. We need to look for new channels non-standard negotiation tactics and constantly develop. How to effectively train employees 8 steps Enter your email GET About the skills of the best salesmen and the selection of employees When I hire workers I hold a competition for 30-40 people. Human qualities sociability and openness are important to me. icon 1 Job Description: I take people out of their comfort zone. I say: “You will work around the clock and seven days a week but I will make you a world negotiator and pay money for it.” icon 2 Ideal employee: You need a candidate who will pass dozens of tests be persistent and withstand stress.

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The salesperson must speak competently develop oratory skills paralinguistics. Icon 3 Monetary motivation: it is important to work for a percentage. If an employee asks for a high rate without bonuses he will not have an incentive. icon 4 Reasons Belgium Business Email List for dismissal: if a person says that he had a bad boss then he will say the same about me. Many say that they were paid little. No one thinks that he earned little. icon 5 Relevant knowledge: higher education does not play a role. Our universities do not teach practical things. You need to go through trainings analyze real cases develop yourself read books. icon 6 Empathy: It is important to hear and understand the client.

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This quality helps not only to sell but also to be successful in business. To build relationships. icon 7 Self-confidence: Stage performance experience or a sports background would be helpful. A good salesperson is like an athlete – he trains every day and works for the result. Building a sales department The sales department is needed by everyone who BO Leads wants to earn money. Until you have at least one salesperson your income will not increase. The owner should be engaged in business development and manage people and not think about selling a product or service. Even a restaurant and a coffee shop should have scripts for working with clients.

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