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Cooperation with the author of the blog begins with a letter/call and determining the cost of services.” Which specialist in the company should work with bloggers Yummy BTL Representatives: “In a large organization a PR specialist should build communication with a blogger. If you have a small business do not have a budget for a full-time PR manager you can hire a freelancer or do everything yourself. You should contact the agency if bloggers are one of the tools of the strategy and not point activity. Instructions for working with bloggers 4 Katerina Titarenko advises to use the services of an agency: “Incorrectly built communication with a blogger will harm the brand.

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Can incorrectly convey positioning or plan a content strategy and be disappointed in cooperation with influencers. The agency will direct your activities in the right direction.” Look for new bloggers or work with regular ones It is important to establish Italy Business Email List communication with the blogger to grow love for the product and brand. Such work requires effort from both the influencer and the company. Continue successful cooperation but keep your finger on the pulse and make acquaintances – new bloggers appear every day. Instructions for working with bloggers 5 Yummy BTL agency representatives say: “If you have worked with a blogger and seen the result you should contact him again but not immediately.

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The target audience should feel that they choose the product themselves. We try to work with effective blog authors. At most once a quarter or better once every six months for one brand. Collaborating with multiple influencers at the same time is ambiguous. On the one hand – the mass sowing of information on the other – obviously paid publications. We smooth BO Leads out the advertising effect by presenting messages in different ways. It can be release mailings and events for bloggers where they test a certain product.” Barter or payment It is more profitable and convenient for companies to work on barter. In exchange for a product or service a blogger with a small reach will agree to cooperate which only increases the audience and faithfully fulfills promises.

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