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Put yourself in the place of the target audience and think about who you would believe. Instructions for working with bloggers 2 Kateryna Tytarenko: If you correctly form the concept of a brand and a product for a blogger then you can go into any area. At the same time it is important that advertising does not run counter to the interests of the blog author and does not offend potential buyers. Content should be harmonious both for its creator and for the addressee. How to choose a blogger Some companies select opinion leaders themselves others turn to an agency. Bloggers need to be where the product’s target audience is. Popular people with a million followers are expensive and don’t work with everyone.

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There are targeted bloggers they are focused on sports parenthood cosmetics healthy food. They can have up to 10 thousand subscribers. But such people are read by those who need your product. Such bloggers are more interested in the topic and will be able to continue communicating with the user after publication. Katerina Titarenko advises Austria Business Email List choosing a blogger in several stages: icon 1 Look at the topic of the blog. icon 2 Match the blogger’s values ​​with the brand’s values. icon 3 Check the target audience and the number of subscribers. icon 4 Look at user activity. Many bloggers sin by cheating likes and subscribers. Yummy BTL Representatives: “When selecting a blogger we analyze everything that happens on the page the number of comments and their relevance to the topic.

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If a blogger posted a photo of a depilatory cream the questions. How much does happiness cost” “Can there be an allergy” is an indicator of live people in subscribers. If half of his readers are empty accounts and the other half are foreigners with strange names then a blogger is not suitable for us. When a person writes about beauty and fashion it will be BO Leads difficult for him to integrate hot dogs into the content. It happens that the leader of opinions shares his point of view about everything. These are universal lifestyle bloggers and we can work with them. But it is worth watching the reactions of subscribers. Instructions for working with bloggers 3 For example if the number of likes and comments goes off scale under posts about travel and food but the audience is cold to technical innovations and video games gadgets should not be promote.

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