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The results of their work are based on a scientific and analytical base and are of interest to professionals. icon 4 Opinion leaders are people whose point of view influences the audience. Opinion leader carefully selects the content for advertising. They should not advise a product that they do not like and chase after money. This is a new word of mouth format only the hem of the sundress is very long. Why should a brand turn to bloggers Before buying a product we study reviews on social networks video reviews compare ratings. Blog advertising increases brand credibility. In a small startup a blogger can become the first channel of communication with the consumer. Instructions for working with bloggers 0 Opinion leaders will help large companies grow a loyal customer.

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Such advertising is cheaper than usual and influences people on the principle of “word of mouth”. Enter your email GET Employees of the Yummy BTL agency: “A good blogger helps increase sales brand image and trust. Selling posts affect the sale of only US Business Email List published goods. At the time of publication of the post the number of hits may go off scale but not for long. But we indirectly remember the name and characteristics of the product. If you build a long-term campaign with subsequent activities the effect will be prolonged.” Instructions for working with bloggers 1 Kateryna Titarenko creative director of the Sila opinion leader aggregator: “People trust people not ads. Promotion of goods on blogs is closer to the target audience.

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The buyer believes those who have experienced – a potential client encounters product ads several times and becomes more loyal to the brand on an unconscious level. It is important to build a positioning concept and choose a single platform for BO Leads communication. The main message must be maintained in all channels that reinforce each other . In what areas will advertising work The more massive the product the more influence the blogger has on the consumer. Representatives of Yummy BTL claim: Bloggers are effective in almost all areas. If it’s a specific product you need an expert if it’s a lipstick you need a beauty blogger a new unique service an opinion leader a restaurant a food blogger clothes a stylist It Girl or a celebrity.

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