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The challenge is to guess what went wrong and what the team might have misse. Share results discuss all scenarios and take preventive action. The chances of project success will increase dramatically. 3. Think in numbers. Define 5 key indicators for the Barbados Business Email List company that the management team will monitor once a week. If something goes wrong it will be a re flag and help prevent failure. How digital drives competition Competition takes on interesting forms when the rules of the game change. The transition of businesses to digital has occurre until recently with a certain dynamics but not quickly. The situation in the world has accelerate these processes.

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Many companies that existe in the B2B segment realize that the user went online and realize that they also neee it. The worst strategy right now is to do nothing. Many businesses have lost market niches and the only chance to survive is to refocus. For example now in the USA a new trend is the virtualize process of selling a car. Buying a car has always been difficult  choose a model arrange a test drive draw up documents. Now these processes are being automate the purchase time has been reuce significantly. What is the difference between blue and crimson oceans The blue ocean is where you are the trendsetter and market maker. For example when you create a new product with unique technological characteristics as was the case with the iPhone .

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Use such an approach in marketing that the user perceives your product as something unique. I worke in a global company where one of the divisions develope software for automotive hardware radar lidar front cameras . The problem was that the clients USA Business didn’t understand what exactly we were doing. During the strategy session we conclude that our BO Leads products are helping vehicles move closer to autonomous driving. We rename this business as autonomous driving which generate huge interest from customers and increase sales. And we just starte positioning our work correctly and in a trendy way although the processes and essence of the work have not change much. Crimson Ocean is an existing market where there are many manufacturers competing on price.

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