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The advertiser pays for each user click on the ad/banner. If a user clicks on an ad they are most often the target audience for the product. CPM cost per mile pay per thousand impressions . The advertiser pays for every thousand ad impressions. In this case clicks and transitions are not important. Main sources of traffic Target e advertising in social networks . The arbitrageur creates an ad selects the placement format configures which users will see the ad gender age location occupation hobbies and starts showing. If the impressions are not leading to anything you can adjust the audience by testing different options.

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Teaser networks forums bulletin boards entertainment sites with viral content . In this case detail e targeting is not possible and the advertising campaign will have to be optimiz e manually. The arbitrator will ne e knowl ege of analytics. It is necessary Belize Business Email List to form a black list of sites where the advertisement will not be shown and a white list where it will be shown . To collect information about traffic you ne e a tracker . The advantage of teaser networks is cheap traffic. Contextual advertising in search results. The user sees advertisements that match his search query and are plac e in the search results.

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By working with contextual advertising you increase the chances of getting your target audience interest e. Native teasers. Native or natural banners teasers organically fit into the content of the site. They consist of a title and an image and most often BO Leads contain a note that this is sponsor e content. Native teasers look like teasers of regular materials. For example on the pages of a site that writes about books the ad looks like a preview of the article “Easy Ways to Read 50 Books a Month.” Teasers engage users and don’t cause banner blindness. The percentage of clicks on such banners is higher.

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