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Lang 8 Another language help site and a good way to practice your written English. It’s simple you write a post in English and native speakers correct your post and comment on the mistakes. You in turn can help those who are learning Russian. We listen Understanding the language by ear is not easy but there are many ways to improve this skill. deep english Each lesson is built around a current story. It consists of listening and tasks for it as well as links to articles on the topic on English language resources and YouTube videos. There are already more than 400 lessons in the Blog section in free access.

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ESL Cyber ​​Listening Lab Hundr es of auditions with assignments and comments levels from Basic to Academic. There are also small videos vocabulary exercises and a lesson plan with links to the site materials. Lively language many colloquial Costa Rica Business Email List phrases current topics. LibrioVox Free library of audiobooks read by volunteers. LibrioVox has books in many languages but most of all in English more than 28 thousand. There are plenty to choose from. Lyrics Training It’s simple choose a song your level Beginner Interm eiate Advanc e Expert listen and fill in the gaps in the text.

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This is a good way to practice your listening and spelling skills. The site contains thousands of clips for songs in different languages ​​and in different genres. Most of all in English. At the same time you can learn to distinguish between British American Canadian BO Leads and Australian accents. Follow the news Regular newscasts are an advanc e level option. But there are some good sites with adapt e videos. News in Levels The site is suitable for different levels of language proficiency. Three videos of varying complexity have been record e for each topical topic new releases are releas e every day.

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