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There is no industry to which techniques taken from the psychology of advertising would not slowly enter. Very often, one of the companies suddenly moves to the position of a leader only thanks to a story that grabs the crowds. Brands from the tech industry found out about this when they were suddenly threatene by Apple. The quality of the products was no better than the competition. The functions were also similar to the others. However, inspiring stories about the visionary behind the brand and the alluring world of freelancers sitting over their Macs made the competition no longer stand a chance.

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Narrative marketing has already save more than one brand as part of a PR campaign . Virtually any rebranding to some extent it is base – or at least it should be – on building a new story around the company. Below you can read about whatsapp mobile number list it on the example of our activities for a family brand. With the help of appropriate graphics, narration and photos, it was possible to bring its luxurious character to light and emphasize the attachment to tradition. We recommend Why does building brand awareness matter? How to use storytelling in practice? It is said that a picture is more than a thousand words.

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Indee, a well-written story hidden somewhere on a company website is not yet narrative marketing. Customers perceive the marketing message with all their senses. Reach them not only with the written word. In this context, it is worth recalling BO Leads the Teaching Pyramid, known since the 1960s, according to which a student remembers: 5 percent information about which he listens in the lecture; 10 percent the information he reads about; 20 percent information he sees in audio-video form; 30 percent what he will see during the show; 50 percent what he is discussing; 90 percent what it uses in practice. This shows why different means of storytelling are so important.

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