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You can also point out that conflicting parties or individuals should devote their energy to reaching an agreement, rather than trying to convince you which of their views should prevail. We recommend Crisis management The adopte communication strategy is also an important issue . Is it better to meet with each co-worker individually at the beginning or to talk on the forum from the beginning? Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages.

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The goal is to understand both the individual positions (what one claims and the other rejects) and their interests (why they make and reject certain claims). Conflict often brings a lot of emotions. One or both co-workers may be seriously evil. Meeting Latest Mailing Database each one individually will give the nervous employee an opportunity to vent. Someone else may feel intimidate by the other person, and in a face-to-face meeting, they will open up and reveal information useful in resolving the conflict Team conflict resolution and disagreement If, despite the efforts of everyone involve.

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The team cannot reach an agreement, you may nee to talk to each of your colleagues individually about the consequences of not reaching a resolution. You can ask each of them: what do you think will happen if you don’t reach an agreement? The BO Leads answer will probably be: I don’t know. The only way to keep control of the outcome of the conflict is to resolve it yourself. However, if employees are not able to do this, there is nothing else left – as the boss, you must impose your opinion, implement a solution that is in the best interest of the company. Be sure to explain why you made the decision you made and explain that this is not your desire path to resolve team conflicts.

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